CW-598 Residential Water Dispenser

Function: RO Filtered Cold & Hot Water . Five stage filter: Stage 1: 5 micron spun polypropylene fiber filter cartridge (PPF) Function: Filtering sand, rust, mud, sediment etc.. . In water Stage 2: UDF Function: Filtering germ, virus, corpuscule, other solute and chenical tap in water. Stage 3: Pre-active carbon filter cartridge (CTO) Function: Completely removing bad smell in water. Stage 4: RO membrane Function:Lustrating heavy metal, Hg, Ag, Cu and etc in water Stage 5: In-Line post-Carbon filter (T33) Function: Adjusting water taste, keeping water fresh Volt: 220~240 / 50Hz

Chilling and heating capacity
up to 5.5 liter per hour
Dimension: D33 x W40 x H105 cm

Water Purification Is Essential For
Your Health And Well-being!

Tap water is not ideal because it contains inorganic minerals that are physiologically impossible for your body to use. Heavy metals, like lead & mercury should be avoided as much as possible by using only suitably purified ...

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